Tools I Like


MacBook Pro, iPad Mini (Retina), iPhone 6, Cinema Display, Time Capsule, Magic Mouse, HP Envy 110


Dropbox: There’s no real alternative to it, isn’t it? Believe, it could be a lot easier (i.e. sharing stuff), but okay. Would love to have it „Apple-style“ (so, come on Apple, bring your iCloud Drive on Dropbox-level).

Evernote: Losing it’s #1 position on „my most used apps“, but still a good one. Still not using its full potential, but very useful for having your notes etc. in reach, cross-platform.

iA Writer: Need to get something written? Easily distracted? Need to concentrate on the content, not the formatting? Automatic cloud-sync? Need it on Mac, iPad, iPhone? This is your writer!

iBooksI just like the app. Think, it’s better than the Kindle app on iPad. Highlighting text with your finger while reading is just great. The icing would be an export function for highlighted paragraphs/notes.

PaperProbably the best (or should I say ‚coolest‘?) sketching/drawing app on the market. Fantastic to illustrate something, fantastic to create „a piece of art“ on your iPad. Extremely easy to use, no-frills, straightforward. Exporting whole notebooks/sketchbooks as PDFs is a cool feature.

Pulse: Tried them all. Yes, Flipboard is great and I use it, too. But my #1 is Pulse. Less magazine-style, more no-frills. Makes it very easy to scan your relevant news sources in a second. Works with major „read later/offline“ readers.

Readability: A beauty of a „read later/offline“ reader! Excellent typefaces (by Hoefler Frere & Jones). Browser plugins and Flipboard, Pulse, Twitter integration. Option to mail articles to your reading list. Highlighting/marking of text (and export) would be the icing. Everything works perfectly!

to be continued …