This Blog

What & Why?

Why this blog? What is it all about? Basically, it’s an outlet for my thoughts about brand strategy. It’s an attempt to gain some clarity and trigger discussions about the changing nature of brands, brand strategy and brand management. A networked world, digitalization, new types of human behavior, new possibilities to interact, acceleration and complexity. What does it mean for brands and brand strategy? Do we see, do we need a paradigm shift? Don’t know. Is „post-digital“ the right term? Is there a better one? Doesn’t matter. There are far too many labels and buzzwords circulating. That’s the way it is, let’s deal with it. Let’s deal with it by looking behind the surface. It’s about what is happening right now and its (potential) impact on brand strategy and brand management.

The idea to start blogging has been in the making for quite some time. It got constantly nurtured by the daily impression (or shall I call it frustration?) that the daily business does not leave enough room for some deeper reflections, fruitful discussions, unfinished and rough thoughts, questions instead of answers. Unfortunately, my brain does not stop thinking, being bombarded with new impressions and ideas about brand and digital strategy everyday. Where to put all the thoughts? Who to talk to? Don’t know, but I gonna use this blog as my personal „blow-off valve“. It’s my DIY professional psychotherapy …


This blog will be in constant „beta“. You will find mistakes, you will find strange things and thoughts, you will experience premature and rough stuff. You gonna see photos change from day to day. I decided to „go live“ without having everything „on board“, without proof-reading everything. This site can look different tomorrow. There’s no plan for it, but it might happen. Don’t hesitate to comment on posts or drop a line to point to mistakes etc. This blog is kind of an experiment. Thanks for your patience, thanks for not taking it too seriously.