photo showing totzi (carsten totz)

  • +10 years professional experience in ‚brand & digital‘
    advertising, branding, communications, digital, technology, ux etc.
  • Ph.D. in ‚brand management in the digital age‘
    interactions, customer integration, prosuming, social media etc.
  • non-standard, non-silo
    interdisciplinary, boundary spanning, thinker & doer, own opinion
  • straight forward thinker
    according to former bosses and colleagues
  • surfer & hoody lover
    passionate, but lifetime kook with quite a few hoodies
  • family guy
    just love to spend time with my wife and little sons
  • Berlin
    love the city and would like to stay, but who knows …
  • FC St. Pauli & Bayern Munich
    yes, I see the schizophrenia myself
  • no-frills
    rather backpacking than club resort

That’s me, at least some parts of me. Feels not too bad. Wanna have a beer or coffee? Just drop a note.


Photo: © Christiane Haid (Link)